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bitcoin trading

The main way to earn money on bitcoin trading is to use the exchange rate difference. By the way, it can be from several tens of percent (during the day), and for large periods the cost can vary by several tens of percent. However, many experts consider bitcoin a speculative tool, the rate of which and purchasing power vary depending on rumors, the growth of demand. The real cost of bitcoin is extremely difficult to estimate. In addition, earnings are possible in other services offering input of captcha from a picture or visiting sites and viewing advertisements for a small number of bitcoins. Then these funds can be fully used for trading bitcoins, or for withdrawal to any national or Crypto currency at the exchange. In addition to the course itself, which displays many services in the form of a graph and in a tabular form, it is also necessary to clarify before using the crypto currency and playing on the stock exchanges: the volume of bitcoins in circulation, Dynamics of the number of produced bitcoins, the number of transactions per day, the volume of transactions in USD on leading exchanges, the ratio of the current volume of trades to the volume of all transactions (in BTC to USD), the computing power of the network hash rate in gigashes per second. 29960